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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grizzlies Locker Room Pics

I was given a tour of the Grizzlies locker room last night prior to the game. Here are a couple of clips and pics taken during that tour. The quality of the clips aren't that great.

Pictures of me with Quentin Ross and Darko Millicic.

I hope to have a few more interior pictures to post in the next couple of days.

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Grizzlies suffer 2 tough losses

The Grizzlies have suffered 2 straight tough losses. Last night the Grizzlies were the better team, but unfortunately, didn't come away with the win. Portland's coach McMillan said "We got lucky, We got some breaks in this game." Memphis had 15 fouls called on them in the 2'nd half while Portland only had 6. In the last 10+ minutes of the game, the Blazers weren't called for a defensive foul.

Again tonight the Grizzlies played another good playoff bound team and played well, but didn't win. The Grizzlies got into foul trouble early and played through it very well. But when it came to the 4'th quarter, they just ran out of gas. It is encouraging to see the Grizzlies battle 2 playoff bound teams to a one possession game with a chance to win both games at the end. Hopefully this is a glimpse of what we will see next season. Read more!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Grizzlies have been Winning

I have been out of the country on vacation and come back home to find that the Grizzlies are on a 4 game winning streak and have won 5 of their last 6 games. Maybe the Grizzlies should pay for me to go on an extended vacation next season. I went to tonight's game and had a great experience tonight. I will post tomorrow regarding tonight's game, but it included a pre-game locker room tour. I have pictures that I will post tomorrow from the tour. Read more!

NBA Grizzlies Team Card