Congratulations O.J. Mayo on a Great Rookie Season.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Grizzlies Bitten by Bobcats

With the Grizzlies coming in having won 4 of their last 5 games, expectations were high for the Grizzlies against the lowly Bobcats. The night was starting of great with the General Manager Chris Wallace at the main entrance greeting fans and answering questions. I spoke with him regarding the future possibilities of O.J. Mayo and all-star weekend. He mentioned that this year O.J. will definitely be in the Rookie – Sophomore game. He did say though it will be a tough fight but he expects O.J. to make the all-star team in the future. There is a good group of back-court players that are all-star caliber that O.J. will have to fight his way into.
As the first quarter was being played out, I remember thinking, we are down by less than 10 with them shooting 70%. When they come back to reality we will be right in this game. But the first quarter ended with us being down 36-26. We thought, it can’t get worse than this.
The second quarter continued down the same track with them continuing to shoot around 70% and us losing the quarter again and being down 58-44. Surely the worse part is behind us. We are switching goals at half time, so maybe their shooting touch will change. Hopefully they will cool off during the halftime break.
The third quarter ended up being worse that either the first or second quarter. We could only muster 16 points while giving up 28 to be down 86-60 going into the 4th quarter. It was so bad that fans had already started leaving and during the quarter break, they didn’t play any of the normal video clips of trying to pump up the crowd. There was no Stand Up Memphis, make some noise. Surely it couldn’t get worse.
The only good thing about the 4th quarter was the fact that it ended the game. The boo birds were out in the quarter because hardly no grizzlies were displaying effort or hustle tonight. I know O.J. was trying, but the fans were disappointed that coach didn’t play him more so that his streak of scoring in double figures would continue. It was a nice streak to start his career. Maybe that now the streak is over, he can play a little more relaxed. Mercifully the clock ran down to zero with us losing 112-83. Surely the worst was over.
Then I walk out to my car which was parked on Beale Street behind the Forum just down from the Baptist Church. I get to my car and find that some thieves had broken into it and stolen my GPS device. What a horrible night. Fans beware, the policeman who came and did my police report told me that they have been having trouble with cars getting broken into over there. If you park there be prepared for the worst.

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