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Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have delayed this post trying to let my frustration subside. The game against the Twolves was so frustrating as a fan. My dad and I was discussing during the game, that although we are only down 4 to 8 points, we never felt like we had a chance in the game. Then we do make a run and tie the game up at 87 with 90 seconds to go. Then the biggest frustration came in that to a team that is considered worse than us could finish the game in our house with a 7-0 run. Why they have learned how to close out a game on the road and we can't close it out in our own house is frustrating. It seemed that because the Twolves aren't one of the elite teams in the league, they weren't as up for the game. On Sunday against Dallas, they came out strong, but on Tuesday they came out flat.

It was nice to see Mike Miller again. He didn't get the start, but he did receive a warm welcome when he came in during the 1'st quarter. We saw him go down in the 2'nd quarter and I was hoping it wasn't serious. He did come back in the 3'rd quarter and finish the game. I am imagine that he is the only Memphis resident who went home happy with the result of the game.

I am sure that against Cleveland next week, they will come out with some fire since there will be a big crowd and they are playing a good team.

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