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Friday, January 23, 2009

Lionel Hollins - Really????

Grizzlies fans were excited to hear that Coach Ivaroni was fired. People were throwing names around that we were hoping to be the new head coach of the Grizzlies. Avery Johnson, Flip Saunders, Maurice Cheeks, Jeff Van Gundy. I never heard anybody mention Lionel Hollins. I know Lionel Hollins is a nice guy and still has a home here in Memphis, but we need a veteran head coach that can develop the talent that we have. We need a coach that will be the right coach for the next 5 years. Counting the interim head coaches, this will be Rudy Gay's 5'th head coach in 2.5 seasons. That is instability.

For the sports radio listeners outside of the local area, I don't know if this is even being mentioned on your stations, but here in Memphis, this is getting ripped to shreds. The talk shows are all in an uproar over this hire. Chris Vernon on FoxSports 730 said he could think of 30 other coaches he would have hired before this hire.

Espn story about the firing and mentions the hiring as well.

Grizzlies story on Iavaroni being relieved of his coaching duties.

ESPN is reporting that Avery Johnson was offered a 5 year contract to come coach the Grizzlies. I am glad to see that we made an offer for Avery because I think he might have been a good coach for this team. But when Avery turned down the offer, was Lionel Hollins really #2 on the coach wishlist?

Espn story about Avery Johnson turning down the Grizzlies coaching job.

I am still going to support the Grizzlies and I hope Hollins proves everybody wrong.

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