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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The LeBron Show in Memphis

The LeBron show made its annual trip to Memphis tonight. If you were in attendance tonight to see LeBron play, you didn't leave disappointed. He put on a show tonight which included 30 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists for his second triple double of the season. He had several highlight dunks and a circus shot that ended up being the #2 play of the day on ESPN. He also had a block shot on a Kyle Lowry layup attempt that was the #6 play also.

Let me review my 3 keys to the game:

1. Rudy & O.J. must score at least 50 points. These two must step up and play above their season averages. These two combined for 16 points on 8 of 27 shooting. One fan sitting next to me mentioned that it seemed as if they were intimidated by the presence of Lebron on the court.
2. LeBron James must be held to under 25 points and 5 assists per game. We must keep LeBron from taking over the game and getting his teammates involved. As previously stated, LeBron had a triple double tonight. Not only did he score, but he got his teammates involved so that they had a dominating performance tonight. The grizzlies were only able to lead the game for 1 minute at 13-12.
3. The Grizzlies must not turn the ball over more than 12 times. We must return to the ball control that we experienced during the 4 game winning streak. Marc Gasol had 4 and Rudy Gay had 3 turnovers. They struggled with the handle tonight. The team as a whole did well with only 12 turnovers. We succeeded with this goal.

Having completed only 1 of the 3 keys leads to another loss.

Some other notes from tonight's game:

Darius Miles showed that he is in physical condition to play in this league still. In 13:45 of playing time tonight, he score 13 points on 4 of 6 shooting and 5 of 7 from the line. He was playing in the 3'rd quarter when the Grizzlies were struggling to score. I am sure Portland now realizes that his salary will be back on the books after Friday night's game. I believe that not only will he play out this 10 day contract, but will also sign another contract either in Memphis or somewhere else this season.

Kyle Lowry had a career night tonight. He posted 25 points on 5 of 11 shooting. He got to the free throw line 16 times converting on 15 of them. He also had 7 assists as well. He has proven that putting him into the starting lineup we the right choice. On one shot attempt tonight, he should have dunked the ball instead of doing a finger roll layup. LeBron chased him down from behind and blocked his shot attempt. See tonight's SportsCenter top 10 play #6.

Hamed Haddadi played tonight for 5 minutes. He had 3 rebounds and 1 nice assist.

Hakim Warrick continued his double digit scoring streak to 11 games. With Darrell Arthur injuring his hamstring, maybe Warrick will get to start like he probably should be.
Here is something to ponder. In Darko's last 10 games prior to his injury, the grizzlies were 5-5. Since his injury, the grizzlies are 1-8. Hurry back Darko!!

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